Thursday, January 05, 2006

Plan B to Improve Your Health

If you have let your health go for a long time and are now looking in the mirror ready to cry, read this.

When we are young, we often think we are invincible. No need to worry about middle age, that's never, never land. No need to concern ourselves with eating right, there will be plenty of time for that later.

Well eventually 'later' catches up and now you have so much to worry about, what do you do now?

If you are like most people, you decide it's time to start eating right and get on an exercise routine and start taking supplements. You jump in with both feet and work like crazy to get into shape. By the end of the week you are exhausted and starving and decide to wait until next year. Whew, that was a bad week.

Next year rolls around and you are in even worse shape and you start the cycle all over again.
How about trying a different technique? It is obvious the former plan isn't going to work no matter how determined you are. It's time to try plan B.

What is plan B? Make one decision and stick with it. Set one goal and work on only that goal. You can't change your entire existence in one day so stop trying.

Decide right now that you are going to pick one factor of your health and work to improve it.
If you are over weight and out of breath and lacking energy, don't try to start an exercise routine right now. You will fail! Plain and simple. First start to work on your eating habits.
If your weight is OK but you are tired all the time, again, don't try to start an exercise routine right now. First research vitamin deficiencies and start using supplements to improve your energy. Look at a good B Complex Vitamin.

If your weight is OK and you have lots of energy, you are probably already getting exercise so take your routine to the next phase.

Most of us are over weight and out of breath and lacking energy. So this is where we will want to start.

Now, how do you start?

Go on a diet? No, you already tried that last year and it didn't work remember?

Take diet pills? No, you tried that too and thought you were going to have a heart attack from all the jitters. Those pills are still in the medicine cabinet from last year too.

Go on the cottage cheese and oatmeal diet? No, how long are you really going to be able to eat cottage cheese and oatmeal?

What if I told you, you can eat all the foods you love and still lost weight? You would probably tell me I am crazy. That's what you have been doing and look at what happened.

Instead of trying to change what you eat, why not try changing how you eat. Change your bad eating habits and you will lose weight effortlessly. If you could change the way you eat and still eat all the foods you love, do you think you could stick with it long enough to lose that extra weight? Sure you could! Not wanting to give up pizza and cake is what's kept you from sticking to a diet in the past, right?

Sound too easy to be true? Well it's not. The way you eat is what's keeping you over weight. What you eat is much less important. Really!

If you have failed enough times with Plan A and are ready to try Plan B, take a look at This free information will change your life.

About this author: Margaret Albright is a student of Naturopathy and an editor for the website Take control of your health TODAY!

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